L.E. Vega, Novelist / Author / Entrepreneur
"Ms. Quixote Goes Country Raised on the Marxist Frontier"
The World is A Novel, An Allegorical Collage
Ms. Quixote Goes Country -- Raised on the Marxist Frontier Novel by L.E. Vega


 "Ms. Quixote Goes Country -   Raised on the

Marxist Frontier"


Inspired by the tragic death of Freddie Prinze, Sr.,

by L.E. Vega

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     "Uva's Song", a poetic children's

     storybook, with illustrations that

     simulate Taíno petroglyphs.

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Feathered Dinosaur

A feathered dinosaur in El Yunque Rainforest.


Coming Soon:

"Entitlement Day",  a novel by L.E. Vega

concerning one of history's most important dates.


A Genre Ahead of Our Time