L.E. Vega, Novelist / Author / Entrepreneur
"Ms. Quixote Goes Country Raised on the Marxist Frontier"
The World is A Novel, An Allegorical Collage
Ms. Quixote Goes Country -- Raised on the Marxist Frontier Novel by L.E. Vega


 "Ms. Quixote Goes Country -   Raised on the

Marxist Frontier"


Inspired by the tragic death of Freddie Prinze, Sr.,

by L.E. Vega

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     "Uva's Song", a poetic children's

     storybook, with illustrations that

     simulate Taíno petroglyphs.

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"Uva's Song - The Mountain Coquí Hero" by writer L.E. Vega

is a book for the nature lover or for children of all ages.







"Entitlement Day -  La Perla, America's Lost World",  a novel by L.E. Vega

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The novel

"Entitlement Day -  La Perla, America's Lost World",  a novel by L.E. Vega

is regarding one of history's most important dates.

 The author L.E. Vega considers, in many ways, the United Kingdom

a substitute for her own island of Puerto Rico.  Upon her return

from a trip the to U.K, L.E. Vega could not help but compare La Perla to

Arthur Conan Doyle's "Lost World". She first wrote a short story

and later expanded it into a full novel, entitled,

"Entitlement Day -  La Perla, America's Lost World".



 Feathered Dinosaur

A feathered dinosaur in El Yunque Rainforest.

Digital Watercolor of A Feathered Dinosaur,

by L.E. Vega August 14, 2014

A Dinosaur Makes a Cameo Appearance in

"Entitlement Day -  La Perla, America's Lost World",  a novel by L.E. Vega







"Hairy Spanish Girl - La Fille Espagnole Poilu"

A New Wacky Novel by L.E. Vega

The novel "Ms. Quixote Goes Country - Raised on the Marxist Frontier" is

the sequel to the novel "Hairy Spanish Girl - La Fille Espagnole Poilu".

 Having very modern ideas, L.E. Vega's original goal was to sculpture

the literary image of an educated Hispanic woman, something

practically unheard of in 1980 when the novel was conceived.

L.E. Vega's achieved result, however, is a humorous progression of an

unyielding hairy Spanish girl who keeps quiet and does not draw attention.

Picture Libby Castillo, a youngish Spanish American woman in the heart of

New York City who could easily be a real life character in any of today's

circles. She is forced to work from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. in order to

surreptitiously be out of the office before she grows her hysterical five o'clock shadow.

Libby's mustache represents the limitations in a world where too often,

conversing intelligently seems to pester people. The peculiar plot in 

"Hairy Spanish Girl - La Fille Espagnole Poilu"

leads the reader through a series of hairy situations that could be summed up as

as engaging in chapters that resound the amusing yet harmless world of Salvador Dali.




A Genre Ahead of Our Time